David Mulinda Scholarship

I am very proud to present the very first phase of the GoDreamchase scholarship fund. Dreams are important, and it takes the right people in your corner to help keep you grounded making sure you’re propelling towards your dreams, and aspirations many times people don’t have the resources needed or the right foundation to help make this happen GoDreamchase is going to become the bridge that helps people get closer to their dreams, and do whatever possible to provide the resources to allow the leaders of tomorrow to focus on shooting for the stars because the sky is never the limit. David Mulinda was a friend but honestly more like an older brother to me he helped keep my mind on the right track, and was never afraid to call me out on my mistakes pushing me to always be a better man spiritually, athletically, academically, and as an overall person I am proud to name my first scholarship fund in his name to honor my brother who passed away and honor his family as well because this was a very special guy David Mulinda passed away January 1st of 2020 to gun violence which is another thing that we as a society need to help eradicate I will forever be proud to call this man a brother. Application open to all college bound students Link Below

Rose Christmas Grant

I am proud to announce the second Scholarship/Grant in the GoDreamchase foundation. This one is dedicated to my amazing mother it's called the "Rose Christmas Grant" this is a $1000 grant given out to help alleviate the worries of not being able to provide your children with something under that tree on Christmas morning gifts aren't everything but the joy of opening a gift wrapped present on Christmas morning is something that every child should be able to experience and times get rough so everyone isn't always in the position to make that happen as much as they would like GoDreamchase is here for you...… APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE DECEMBER 1st